Tag: Flicka 20

Outboard update, staying in the old slip, rowing my dinghy

Greg and I went down to the marina last weekend, to see what we could see. Our plan was to spin Elska around in her slip, bring her engine close to the dock, and remove the carburetor for a good cleaning. Seemed easy enough. Years ago, probably 1996 or so, I bought my second dilapidated VW bus …

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Polishing bronze gone awry, docking gone awry, and other bits

I’m trying to clean up my office. It’s wrecked (I wrecked it). Our kitchen is still a demolition site, and the stress from the lack of control I have over that situation led me to come upstairs and try to clean up a mess I ostensibly can control. That’ll teach me to follow my instincts! After …

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