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Ditching social media? Try RSS again. Here are some alternatives to Feedly.

As Tammy Strobel points out, social media gets more and more problematic. With the idea of turning an eye back to blogs/blogging, I logged into Feedly tonight, apparently the world’s most popular RSS reader (after Google killed theirs, I still don’t understand that move). But oops, I realized I’d logged into an old account, and needed to log out and back into the newer one. A simple task, right? NAY.

Feedly would have none of it. I actually could not log out of my account, there was nothing on the screen that would allow me to accomplish this (save for emptying my cache and reloading the page, which I finally tried – that worked). I was in Feedly’s little green grip. I had to Google, “How to log out of Feedly,” never a good sign. Turns out I’m not alone. There are even complaints about this. Next thing to get Googled: “How to cancel my Feedly account”. Oddly enough, they make that easy. Done!

Now what?

This recent article in Wired helped, and was my impetus for signing up with Inoreader.

First time was the charm with this one, I signed up and loved it immediately. You can sort feeds manually, something I appreciate. There aren’t acres and acres of options and ways to organize the way there is with Feedly, something I find overwhelming and useless. With Inoreader I have enough organization power to keep my content in focus, but not so much that the organizing sucks up all my time on the site (Feedly, you have a long way to go, here).

According to that Wired article there is also The Old Reader, which I admit I see in my head as Ye Olde Reader. It looks worthy of a second look, however in my first look I found some errors with feeds (repeating images), and the interface didn’t please my eye. So, check it out if you want, but I’m going to spend a few weeks with Inoreader and see how it goes.

Another article about this. And maybe one more.


New blog design, sans bells and whistles

I’m doing Marie Kondo’s Konmari method of tidying up the house. I love her books. I started using her method in January but stopped after I got sicker, and was having trouble letting go of things. Now I’m back at it, with renewed determination. I just bought her new book, The Manga of Tidying Up, and it’s a delight from the first frame. I just love this woman.

I finished tidying clothes in about three days, and have now moved on to books. She advises leaving memorabilia for last, because it’s so emotionally charged, but I found books to be pretty charged and difficult to tidy. In the end I was able to get all my books onto just one of our three big shelves, with room to spare, and filled 7 brown paper grocery bags to get sold back to a bookstore. It was a triumph, but it was tough! Books represent so much. Giving away a book I meant to read but didn’t, felt like wasted potential. Something I should have learned but failed to get to. I had to continuously remind myself that if I’ve had them this long and haven’t read them, I probably won’t get around to it. Though that didn’t stop me from keeping a couple dozen for a “to read” shelf. We’ll see if I really get to those.

While pulling things off the shelf, I found a few blank books that both myself and my daughter had bought. I held each one in my hands – as you do (does it spark joy?) – and pondered why I never used them. I realized it was because the books were too fancy. I felt a lot of pressure when I went to use them.

It’s the same with the blog. I want to blog more but don’t, because all the newer blog themes are too fancy. I feel like “they” (whoever chooses themes for the database) wants me to create a product, something I should be selling. There’s nothing wrong with that, with creating a brand for that purpose. Who knows, that might be my path someday. But for now, and for the last few years, blogging has only been about building a connection with others, through mutual hobbies, and especially through sharing the burden of living with a chronic illness. It may sound strange, but when I feel like the blog theme – the “notebook” – I’m using is too fancy, that it wanted more from me than I wanted to give it, I didn’t want to write in it.

So, back to an un-fancy theme. There wasn’t even a place to put in a menu of social media icons. Now that’s ancient technology. All this theme wants is a title and a few paragraphs. For now, that’s exactly what I want to give it.

Lots of hits for sewing!

I think I’m officially a sewing blog! 🙂 (Don’t worry sailors, I’m still sailing, but the fibromyalgia means those posts are far less common, I’m afraid.)

I woke up this morning, and noticed a couple more folks had followed my blog. I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder what my stats are like?” This isn’t anything I check often because (as you’ll see), my numbers are low. If a post I make gets 20 views, that’s a big day.

Today I checked:


Holy cow!

Well, I love writing about sewing, so I’m happy to keep writing about sewing. I want to start posting links to other blogs I’m reading, too. There are so many great sewing blogs out there! And lots of very helpful YouTube channels. And the quilting! And the crafting! I’ve started using Pinterest again (my account), I can’t get enough.

And blogging about sewing combines so many great things. I get to create something with fabric and color (WIN!), and then I get to photograph it (I love taking photos), and then I get to write about it (love writing, too). And there is such a kind, friendly tribe of other women (and men!) out there sewing their hearts out and sharing what they made. I love it! Hugs to all of you. May your stitches be, uh, fast and firm? What’s a good blessing for sewers? May your stitches never fail?

<3 Nice to meet you all!