It’s Finnzo Friday, the day for doggo photos! Today’s post introduces Zoe, our incredibly sweet black Lab. About six months after Bo passed away, we were ready to think about another Labrador. Finnegan was just a baby when he met Bodhi, and they had loved each other. We could tell Finn was getting lonely, and we were missing a Lab in our lives, too.

When we brought the Zoe home as a new pup, Finn was immediately in love with her. So in love with her, in fact, that we had to get a baby gate to keep him away from her, so she could get some sleep. Whenever she dozed off he’d start licking her face, wanting her to wake up and play. During her waking hours, as she ran around the house exploring, he followed close behind, tail wagging the entire time, it was so cute.

The embrace of his new nanny role extended to areas that surprised us. For instance, Corgis have a reputation for being protective of their food. The first time that Zoe ran up to his food bowl, while he was chin-deep in his dinner, I winced and reached for her collar to pull her back, assuming he’d snap at her, but I didn’t get to her in time. She flew over to him and stuffed her furry little face into his bowl, and he did absolutely nothing about it. Just kept eating! We pulled her away and tried to get her interested in her own bowl, but she would have none of it. She just ran back to his bowl. Eventually, they’d finish that bowl, and then both of them would move on to her still-full bowl, and finish that off in tandem.

We finally gave up and just put the food into one bowl. Two years later, they still eat this way.


The first year of Zoe’s life, she was a handful of chewing and mouthiness and wild puppy energy. But in her second year, like most Labs, she’s really calmed down. We enjoy her so much, she’s so full of love and sweetness (again, like most Labs). She and Finn are still best friends. The best part of Finn’s day is when Zoe arrives home from work with Greg. I open the door and Finn flies out, running straight toward the car, where Zoe flies out, and then they run circles around each other for a few minutes.

I’m going to save more of her photos for future Finnzo Fridays but I wanted to post this tweet demonstrating one of the many reasons Labs are some of the most awesome pups around:


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