I’m wearing Leia buns everyday now

A couple of months ago I discovered the joy of spin pins.

They can apparently “do the work of 20 bobby pins”. I shudder at the thought of any hairstyle that requires 20 bobby pins so I haven’t tested this claim, but I can say that these spiral pins are amazing. There are so many things you can do with them, and they hold hair tight and pain-free.

While everyone else takes joy in the pixie, I’m growing out a pixie from 18 months ago. It isn’t Officially Long yet, it’s at that really annoying length. Long enough to get in my way, not long enough to do anything useful.

What’s saved me is two things: my summer discovery that I could use my copious store of knit fabric and a serger to make very comfortable headbands, and spiral pins. I don’t like ponytails, I have a sensitive head and elastics hurt. I don’t even own any hair elastics anymore, I just don’t need them. After experimenting with spin pins, I found I could go pain-free for hours and hours with two buns on either side of my head.

They aren’t quite as close to the ears as Leia’s, but they’re close-ish. I love channeling her, and I highly recommend the experience for any spoonie (person with a chronic illness). When I get up in the morning and put up my Leia buns, I feel a little bit of her strength. Just enough.For extra fun, you can pull a little bit of hair out of the center, and you let it artfully fly around (you can channel Leia and Phoebe Buffay at the same time, if you’re so inclined).


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      Ha! 🙂 Happy enough, well….
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