Woot! My Les Fleurs is finally on its way!

I tried to buy some red and navy Les Fleurs back in September:


Backordered is fine, but that was two months ago. Two months! Meanwhile all these great sewing bloggers are making post after post of their lovely new garments made with this fabric. Especially the red! Oh, it’s heaven. Often they mention how hard it was to find the fabric, or how they managed to find it but got the last of it. I’ve been under the impression that it’s really hard to get, so I’ve been biting my nails and holding on to this backorder of mine.

Last night I found Tanya of Mrs. Hughes had created a gorgeous 1940’s dress with it. She mentioned where she found her fabric: Missouri Star Quilt Company. Well, I checked them out, and not only did they have my fabric, they had it for less than fabric.com. So I cancelled my backorder and just bought from Missouri Star.

After I made the purchase, I couldn’t believe it was that easy. I checked my email. Did I actually get a receipt? Why, yes! Does the invoice say that I won’t get this fabric for another two months? Why, no! That means….it’s actually…..going to arrive here in the next week or so? I don’t want to get too attached.

And yes, I bought ridiculous amounts, because I’m an unabashed fabric hoarder. I’ll admit it. Also, I have a love for long, full skirts, and that often requires more fabric than I’ll think it will. What? I’m not justifying. I’m just explaining. Shut up.


  1. Elaine Bradtke says:

    I followed the link to the red dress – I love those kinds of dresses. I think it’ so cool that they’re publishing ‘vintage’ patterns. I think that red will look fabulous on you!

    • Oh thank you! 🙂

      Isn’t Tanya’s dress great? I love the stuff she sews. In practical terms, I do a lot of daily stretching and yoga that would make it hard for me to wear as many 50’s style dresses as I’d like. But I just LOVE to look at them. Maybe I’ll try a muslin of one and see if it’s possible to wear them as activewear.

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