Still sewing, just too tired to write about it!

Still sewing and wanting to write! I’m just worn out from a combination of fibromyalgia, and yoga teacher training, and trying to clean and organize the house. Additionally, I plan on moving the blog off of the site and onto my own site, but it will take a couple of weeks to get that set up. Once that’s complete, posting will return to a more normal schedule.

In the meantime, here’s a few of the things I’ve made recently:

A raglan using the Patterns for Pirates raglan pattern I love so much. So far, this is my favorite t-shirt pattern. If you don’t use contrasting fabrics, it just looks like a normal shirt. The fit is great on me.

Adorable Midnight Slippers! I had one little error with the serger, it didn’t quite pick up all of one toe, so I had to sew a patch. I love patches, though, so I never consider that a real problem.

This is the raglan from above, but with the long sleeve option. Rainbow sleeves, baby! I have several yards of that fabric, I’m saving the rest for something amazing. It’s one of my favorites.

Verity Hope’s Smock Pinafore, which is fast becoming one of my base wardrobe patterns. I’ve made four of them. For about two weeks, I just alternated between them, and with the ability to add different colors of shirts underneath, I never felt like I looked the same day to day. I bought some linen to make some more, but now I’m thinking of putting that toward a pair of linen overalls. I’ve been waiting a long time for overalls to make a comeback.

This is just a tank dress that I make using the Dress No. 1 pattern. Over time it’s proving not to be great for knits, however. It needs some fit modifications, it gaps in the back a bit too much, and I want to change the shape of the arm scythes. I think this will just take some skimming of a book on fitting, but I haven’t gotten the time and energy for that yet. Nevertheless, I love this dress and wear it all the time. I’m wearing it right now, in fact.

So, sewing is still happening, and the desire to write about it is definitely there. But, I’m tired all the time. Thus is the life, living with fibromyalgia. In the next few months I will hopefully get a call for a trial of new treatment. I’m on the waitlist. I think about it every day, wondering what might happen if it works. What would it be like to feel better? I go between daydreaming about it, and pushing it out of my mind so I don’t get too attached.

Until then, I take it day by day. Stitch by stitch. Asana by asana. I’m looking forward to getting the blog moved, so I can work on the design, and write on a more regular schedule.


      • Pam Kocke says:

        No, I know, but I work for and I liked that your site was here. 😀 But as long as you’re still using WordPress, I won’t complain. 🙂

        • Ah! 🙂 Well, I do like having it here, but I want to play around with putting up other sites and be able to use whatchmacallits – the add-ons that add functionality. Plugins! That’s the stuff. I admit I’m a little nervous about the transition. I’d moved to the .com so that I wouldn’t have to manage my own CSS and other issues. But it’s just so beguiling to have all the control….

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