A blank canvas of a purple linen dress

I hacked Sonya Phillip’s Dress No. 1 pattern (for the umpteenth time, I love those patterns), and made myself a Rather Long Dress No. 1. I had bought all this purple linen, and I don’t have the skills (yet!) to turn it into something with buttons or pleats or darts other fancy things, but I had to make something because purple and linen are two of my favorite things. So here we go. A very basic, but very comfortable dress.


I dug out my old sewing machine to see if it still worked. For some reason I thought it was broken, but no, it’s motoring along just fine! So now I have access to some fancy stitches. It’s a Singer Brilliance something-or-other, it has a much better range of stitches than my Singer Heavy Duty. I’m thinking of going over the purple dress hems and seams with some contrasting thread. My Norwegian friend, C, is sewing her heart out right now, making amazing things, and she uses a lot of contrasting thread to great effect.


I looked at this photo and was like, “Hey! There’s my waist!” Which I don’t mean in a body-shaming way. I mean, I’m amused, and also startled. My measurements are so straight, I’m what they call “apple-shaped”, but really I think of myself as a thick rectangle with nice legs. I’ve been thinking of trying out Cashmerette’s Wrap Dress, but it requires a belt, and I don’t think of myself as having a belt area. But look! From the back, you can kind of make out a waist area. Who knew?


The shirt I’m wearing underneath is a soy and hemp shirt from Betsy at Intertwined Designs. I’d love to have a winter uniform of long-sleeved knit shirts and long dresses. The sneakers are these neat parachute fabric, they’re from Patagonia, but I don’t think they make them anymore.

I look at these photos and I think, “I have to find a place to take photos, where I can set up my tripod and do it myself.” No offense to my very sweet husband, who is taking these for me, but wow, this needs work. Hey everyone, look at our messy deck! Don’t those propane tanks go stellar with my new dress? I have a nice DSLR and I know how to use it, I’m actually a very good photographer. But it’s really hard to photograph yourself without a spot to take the photos, and our house doesn’t seem to have an uncluttered spot in which to set up my camera.

Don’t get me started on the clutter. This is what my sewing room looks like right now:


That’s Frasier on the big screen – Greg bought that screen a week ago, I thought it was for him. It gets here and he says no, it’s for me so I can hook my computer up to it and watch Netflix while I sew. Awwww! Oh, I love that man. Greg, not Frasier. If we’re going to talk about Frasier, it’s Niles I have a television crush on. Although I know he’s gay. I mean, David Hyde Pierce is gay. Not Niles. Niles is just nerdy and fastidious and passionate. Anyway.

The point is: this room is a pit of clutter despair. I am attempting to clean it this week.


And here’s the $&#*head responsible for some of it: Cal, the cat who loves sergers. That’s why he’s laying next to the Juki, he’s thinking, “When she turns around, I will pull every last thread off of this machine, and trail their beautiful tendrils out of this room, through the laundry room, and all the way to the stairs.” He did, too. Three times. I tried throwing some fabric over the machine (in the picture above), but that doesn’t seem to deter him. Tonight I’m getting a screen to put up in an effort to keep him away. We don’t have doors on the doorways, the house is old and the doorways in these two rooms aren’t to code. There’s no normal door that would fit. I’m about ready to install in the doorway a giant….whatever eats cats. A cat-eating gargoyle? A pet hyena? Cthulu? Maybe I can install a moat! YES! A moat. Then I can install sharks, and that will keep away cats and children who ask me when dinner is ready.



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