My moment of pink dress DIY fashion pride at the blood bank

Greg and I went to the blood bank today. We love this place, the people are funny and friendly and it’s such a great cause. You can do so much good for just ten minutes of sitting on your ass, and you get free cookies! And a friend volunteers there, so it’s basically a half hour of treats and hanging out with friends.

We go to Bloodworks Northwest, which for years was named Northwest Blood Center. The new name sounds so gruesome when it shows up on your phone. BLOODWORKS CALLING. PLEASE COME SEE US. I renamed them in my Contacts list, and now when they call it shows up as Vampires of Seattle. Our new goal is to get on the Tree of Life list.

I couldn’t donate today, but Greg did his part:

One of the phlebotomists said she liked my dress, and I said, “Oh thanks, I made this yesterday!”

“Wow, you made that?”

“Yeah! It’s a really simple pattern.”

“That’s so cool!”

When we went out to the donation area, she told another phlebotomist, and they both stood there telling me how great my dress was. That’s when it happened. I was overwhelmed with this mix of emotions; humbleness and gratitude and pride, all bound up together. I felt so happy! And shy, too, but also just delighted to have something I made be admired! What a feeling! I know the dress isn’t anything spectacular, it’s just a simple little sundress. But I put it together with my own two hands, and on a day where I was in pain and dealing with fibromyalgia, it was something I did that made me feel good about myself. I made something that I can walk around in, that makes my life better in a very material way (Haha! See what I did there? I’m not blogging drunk, I swear).

It felt so good. I’ve never had something like this. I love sewing! It’s so fun, and I can be endlessly creative, and the effects of wearing what I make are profoundly positive. And I’m not even great at it yet. I can’t wait for ten years from now! I’m going to be making some kick-ass stuff.

I posted about the pink dress yesterday, but I didn’t have photos of me wearing it. Here it is!

pink-dress-backFullSizeRender 2FullSizeRenderOh, and I made the bra I’m wearing, too! It’s the Brazi pattern. It didn’t turn out very well, but that’s okay. I don’t think it’s the pattern’s fault. It was my first time sewing with knits, and I hated it! The fabric slid all over the place, drove me nuts. Clearly, I need a serger. I need one. NEED. More on the bra, later.

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