Twill tape isn’t bias tape. You should know this.


I thought I was SO SMART. Bias tape is really hard for me to make. Having fibromyalgia means that the cutting, bending over the table, then sewing pieces together, then ironing, then ironing again (double fold, ya’ll!), and finally sewing on that homemade bias tape entails, is basically torture. I spent almost two hours working on this a few days ago, and came away with about 4 yards of bias tape. I went out to where my husband was sitting on the deck, and I laid down in my hammock and said, “You know what’s stupid?”



And then I went into my plan to just buy it in giant bulk rolls on eBay and never look back.

But then I had this idea. Why not just use twill tape? It’s so soft, and I have this huge roll of it that I bought for making bags (they’re good for drawstrings, and stability). It would look fine! And it DID look fine! But then….


I put my new dress through the washer, and the twill tape had shrunk just enough to create a nice little warped neckline and ruffly armholes. Don’t be smart. BE BIASED. Use your bias tape.

I ended up cutting off the tape, and making my dress into a tank top, like the pink one I just made. It looks great with its new bias tape facing. The roll of twill tape is laughing at me, but you know what? Sewing is all about life lessons.


    • Hollie says:

      I thought about that, but the problem is that I don’t know how reliable twill tape is in terms of shrinking AGAIN once it’s washed a second time. Better to just use actual bias tape and not risk it. Also, I think if you washed the twill tape it would just come out all frilly and gnarly, which means I’d need more ironing. The big fat rolls on eBay, of bias tape, are just $30 or so. I’m pretty sure that’s my destiny.

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