Lots of hits for sewing!

I think I’m officially a sewing blog! 🙂 (Don’t worry sailors, I’m still sailing, but the fibromyalgia means those posts are far less common, I’m afraid.)

I woke up this morning, and noticed a couple more folks had followed my blog. I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder what my stats are like?” This isn’t anything I check often because (as you’ll see), my numbers are low. If a post I make gets 20 views, that’s a big day.

Today I checked:


Holy cow!

Well, I love writing about sewing, so I’m happy to keep writing about sewing. I want to start posting links to other blogs I’m reading, too. There are so many great sewing blogs out there! And lots of very helpful YouTube channels. And the quilting! And the crafting! I’ve started using Pinterest again (my account), I can’t get enough.

And blogging about sewing combines so many great things. I get to create something with fabric and color (WIN!), and then I get to photograph it (I love taking photos), and then I get to write about it (love writing, too). And there is such a kind, friendly tribe of other women (and men!) out there sewing their hearts out and sharing what they made. I love it! Hugs to all of you. May your stitches be, uh, fast and firm? What’s a good blessing for sewers? May your stitches never fail?

<3 Nice to meet you all!

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