I crocheted this…thingie (it’s supposed to be a rug, but it’s a table accessory instead)

I saw this a few days ago:


The original image originates, from what I can tell, a Russian crafter’s website called Olino Hobby.  Here’s the Makezine post that says this – however, the original link seems to go dead.

At any rate, things live in Pinterest forever, and I found this image and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” Crafting-during-television-powers, ACTIVATE!

But then, BUM BUM BUMMMMM, I was kicked in the ass by my own efforts at minimalism and simplicity: after so many years of keeping all these clothes I didn’t know what to do with and brought me no joy, I’d recently given them all away. Now I didn’t have any t-shirts to rip up. I knew I shouldn’t have read Marie Kondo! See, this is why minimalism is a bad idea! Haha, kidding. Kondo is actually amazing, I love her books and her methods. What needs real work here is my habit of telling myself I’d be happier without all these hobbies, and then getting rid of all my sewing stuff.

To solve this dilemma, I went to my son. I do that kid’s laundry, I know he has about two dozen old shirts that don’t fit, sitting in piles on his closet shelves. He was happy to oblige.

In progress:


And completed:

crochet_thingie crochet_thingie_with_salt

So the reason why it’s a Table Thingie (TM) and not a rug? I was in a hurry to get going, and without thinking about it, I’d reached into my yarn stash and grabbed the first thing that looked fun, some of my old handspun. But as it took shape, I realized I wasn’t going to enjoy watching people come in from the muddy outdoors and walk over my pretty little rug with my handspun wool. I decided it would be a “spot for the salt and pepper” instead, and I just made it smaller.

This worked out for my hands, too. Turns out that crochet is a lot harder on my hands then I remember. My right hand, that works the hook, gets very fatigued. I feel like I’d have a lot more leverage if the hook had a much longer handle, but I’ve searched off and on for years for longer crochet hooks and haven’t found them. I thought making a rug out of less-beloved yarn would be a fun plan, but I think I’d have carpal tunnel by the end of it, so I imagine a Table Thingie is all we’re getting from this technique.

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