Added some Cada Johnson art (and a little fat acceptance) to my denim jacket

My new Sonya Philip patterns aren’t here yet, and my new fabric hasn’t arrived yet (although I got the UPS tracking number from, whee!), but I wanted to sew something today. So I decided to put one of my Cada Johnson patches onto an existing piece of clothing. Cada is a kind person and a wonderful artist, who I met a few years ago at a festival. I saw her clothes, and my jaw dropped. I now own…oh gosh…maybe a dozen things? I bought another couple things at the Oregon Country Fair. I tells ya. I can’t get enough.

This patch is actually from a t-shirt of hers that I bought way back when, that got stained up. I knew I wouldn’t wear the shirt again, but her art patch on the shirt was in perfect shape, so I just cut it off and saved it for a future project. Cada’s art is so beautiful, it really speaks to me. When I look at her images, I’m taken back to childhood, remembering the connection I felt to the earth back then. How strong and deep that felt (speaking of which, Cada now makes gorgeous prayer flags). That connection isn’t gone now, but it’s been a bit transmuted from forests to the sea. Being so close to the Puget Sound, and sailing, has shifted that feeling to the water. I prefer being on the water, but I miss the trees. I’d like to go hiking more, but I hate driving to the trails. I’m hoping I can soon sail far enough to just anchor somewhere, go ashore, and have trails at the ready!

The Singer 4432 (still unnamed) performed just fine. I got some really lovely crystal blue thread, and I used a basic zigzag stitch. I just pinned it on in the position that seemed best, and went for it. It didn’t occur to me until halfway through that I maybe should have used the denim needles that I bought? I wasn’t sure how important it was for one layer of denim. I know with jeans and such, you’re going through multiple layers, so switching needles is probably more important then. It didn’t seem to be an issue.

cada_2 cada_jeanjacket

The hardest part of this was deciding which jacket to put it on. I have one jean jacket that fits me now, and I have one that I bought on sale a few years ago, that is a couple sizes smaller. You know, for when I lose weight and everything. Which, who knows, might still happen at some point, but it isn’t on the horizon now, that’s for sure. I’m tired of waiting for clothes to fit. The whole feeling behind re-embracing sewing is the commitment to making clothes I love that fit me now, not later. My now-self deserves beautiful things. And that was the thought that settled it. Do I want to enjoy this now, or later-maybe-never? This patch would go on the bigger jacket. I want to wear this now.

It’s beautiful! We’ll get a cool day soon (it’s Seattle after all), and I’ll love wearing this. Thanks, Cada!


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