Incredible photos of a Pacific Seacraft 25 interior

Last year, while obsessing over possible future boats, I found an interview with this fellow who was a woodworker, and had remade the interior of his Pacific Seacraft 25, named Dragonfly, into this beautiful haven of intricate woodwork. It’s just stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I downloaded the photos to a folder but didn’t save the link, and now I can’t find the article anywhere. I used the photos to do a reverse image search on Google, and didn’t have any luck. I’m wondering if the article went behind a subscription firewall. Does anyone know who this fellow is, or where I might find the original article? I’d love to read it again, especially now that we’re this close to buying our own PS25.

If you know who this is, comment here or email me using the link at the top of the page.











I text my Dad, a sailor and boat lover too, a link to these photos. Dad responds:






    • Sewbiwan says:

      Hello Michael! Thank you so much for writing a comment to this post, I really appreciate it! I’ve “liked” your page on Facebook and am looking forward to seeing more photos. Would you like me to take this post down, or the photos down, since they aren’t mine? I’d published them so that hopefully I’d be able to solve the mystery of who this amazing person was, but now that I know who you are and can follow your work, I’m happy to take this down if you’d like? It’s totally up to you!

      Your boat is just gorgeous, I’ve looked back on these photos many times. Just gazing at them makes me feel relaxed, and close to the water. The construction and detail is incredible, you’re a gifted artist! And now an electric propulsion system? That’s FANTASTIC! 😀 I ended up going with a Flicka 20, and I often think about getting a Torqueedo outboard, but we haven’t yet. The Honda still gets great mileage and works so well.

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