Remembering Bodhi on his birthday


Rest in peace, sweet boy. Today would have been Bo’s 4th birthday. We lost him on June 14th of this year. In terms of grief, I think we all turned a corner in the last couple months, but his birthday has hit us hard. It’s been a rough day for all. This afternoon, we piled in the car and went to Bo’s favorite cafe.

A lovely man, who was sitting alone at a large table, nose-deep in several books about the gospel of Luke, looked up, and saw that he was occupying the only table at which our large party would fit. Immediately, he stood straight up and offered to move to one of the single tables. What a kind gesture. I told him that Luke is my favorite gospel, and we talked for a moment.


We all got coffee drinks, sat down, and talked about our memories of Bo. How he loved people, how he’d be so sad if we he went for a walk and a person he passed didn’t stop to pet him. How much he loved to cuddle, to hug, to lean. How kind he was to puppies. How much he loved going with Greg to Omnigroup every day. He had a whole separate pack of loves at Omni, especially Rachael and Andrea. What a big heart he had. How much he loved his routine.


As a youngster, he learned the phrase, “Make it work.” He’d come over to the couch where we’d be sitting, no room left for the dog. He would stare at us, imploring us to let him cuddle. We’d pat our legs and say, “Make it work,” and that was his permission to haul himself up and land wherever he wanted, sprawled across us, squishing us flat and loving every minute of it.


We shared all the things we could think of, all the small details. There were a lot of tears around the table. And then it was time to go home.


Bodhi was a unique personality, a perceptive, patient dog with a heart of pure gold. We all thought of him more as a person than an animal. He’s the reason I went vegetarian. I don’t know why I’m writing this. I guess I just want to say, if you have lost a dog, even if it was years ago, have a hug from me today. If you have a dog you love, go hug that sweet pup. Aren’t they special? Aren’t they wonderful? Dogs are magic.

Three and a half years wasn’t enough with Bo, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We will always remember him, and we will always love him.



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