Finnegan and Cal: a love affair

We keep telling people our corgi puppy was raised by cats, and they laugh and say, “Oh, that’s funny, raised by cats.” They don’t seem to get it until they actually see Finn climbing up the backs of couches, or jumping onto a dining room chair and from there onto the dining room table. Everything he learned, he learned from Cal and Chloe and Cosette. Today I caught one of Finn and Cal’s cuddle sessions.

They cuddled like this for awhile….


Cal’s ears are back because he hears my camera clicking. They’re watching a Century Link van across the street.

Aaaaaand, now Finn is taking it too far.


Cal doesn’t make a fuss or start a fight, he just jets whenever he’s done with the wrestling. I appreciate this about Cal.

He’s always leaving a perplexed Finn staring after him. “Did I do something wrong?”

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