FYI: Marmite is great for dog medication!

Finnegan has some de-worming and a couple other puppy meds to take for a few days, and one of them is a powder that apparently tastes foul. The vet said that we’d have to dissolve it in water and then use a syringe to stick it down the back of his throat.

Instead, I put the powder into a small bowl, and added a couple teaspoons of water, and stirred until the powder was as dissolved as I could get it. I then added about a half teaspoon of Marmite, and mixed.

I grabbed the syringe and started to draw the liquid up, but then changed my mind and squirt it back into the bowl. I was curious if he’d just drink it straight. I put the bowl on the floor and called him over. Lap, lap, lap lap, it was gone in seconds.

I bought this bottle of Marmite after reading that it was an ingredient in a sauce in one of my cookbooks, and then later, I lost track of the book (I have a lot of cookbooks, it’s kind of a sickness). I have no idea what to do with Marmite normally. I suppose the Brits put it on toast. I’m a total Anglophile, but I draw the line at Marmite on toast. I tried black pudding, that ought to be good enough.


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