Tag: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I rented a scooter at the zoo

An overweight woman on a scooter, with a $7 bag of kettle corn in my basket. The whole thing reminded me of an episode about obesity on some evening news program. But it didn’t bother me. I’m too tired to care what anyone else thinks. In the first half hour at the zoo yesterday, hell, …

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I’m not getting better, and that has been hard.

In my second-to-last last post, I wrote a little about our trip to Stanford. I really was full of hope, then. Researching this new option, buying a ticket to California to go to a research hospital and talk to a new doctor; I wanted it to demonstrate to the universe that I was serious about …

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After saying, “I can’t march for miles,” I sign up for a 5K. Because: denial.

I’ve been writing about the election, and what the tension between being called to action and also being someone with a chronic invisible illness (fibromyalgia). And I’ve written before about how: I have very little energy. I struggle to exercise. I’m in a lot of pain, most of the time. When I exercise too hard, …

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