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Ditching social media? Try RSS again. Here are some alternatives to Feedly.

As Tammy Strobel points out, social media gets more and more problematic. With the idea of turning an eye back to blogs/blogging, I logged into Feedly tonight, apparently the world’s most popular RSS reader (after Google killed theirs, I still don’t understand that move). But oops, I realized I’d logged into an old account, and …

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Time to make the blog pretty.

In my last post I talked about moving my blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation on my own server. I changed my mind! This morning I crunched some numbers, did math of money, time, and spoons, considered how much stress I wanted to put myself under when I’m often very tired and in pain, and decided it …

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Thursday update: a kitchen might be forthcoming

Kitchen Katastrophe 2016, the going-on-week-seven aftermath of a burst water hose, is finally on its way toward healing. We have a contractor, which means we finally have one person coordinating all the work. Today the walls were finished being plastered, and next comes the paint. Following that, the tile backsplash, and then the cabinet and sink-reinstalled, and …

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