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After saying, “I can’t march for miles,” I sign up for a 5K. Because: denial.

I’ve been writing about the election, and what the tension between being called to action and also being someone with a chronic invisible illness (fibromyalgia). And I’ve written before about how: I have very little energy. I struggle to exercise. I’m in a lot of pain, most of the time. When I exercise too hard, …

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Thursday update: a kitchen might be forthcoming

Kitchen Katastrophe 2016, the going-on-week-seven aftermath of a burst water hose, is finally on its way toward healing. We have a contractor, which means we finally have one person coordinating all the work. Today the walls were finished being plastered, and next comes the paint. Following that, the tile backsplash, and then the cabinet and sink-reinstalled, and …

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