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I crocheted this…thingie (it’s supposed to be a rug, but it’s a table accessory instead)

I saw this a few days ago: The original image originates, from what I can tell, a Russian crafter’s website called Olino Hobby.  Here’s the Makezine post that says this – however, the original link seems to go dead. At any rate, things live in Pinterest forever, and I found this image and thought, “Hey, …

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This Christmas’s diversion: paracord bracelets

Every Christmas, to assuage the holiday stress and overwhelm, I pick up a small hobby. Novelty makes a great distraction. This year, making paracord bracelets accidentally became my project. My almost-11-year-old daughter came home from school a few weeks ago with a paracord bracelet craft kit she’d picked up at her school’s book fair. “Aha!”, …

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