Finnzo Friday: At the dog park

We have a nice dog park nearby, Golden Gardens park in Seattle. The running space is huge, and it’s fun to watch the long-legged pups get going so fast up and down the hill that they almost appear airborne. Lots of trees to fertilize, and there’s a faucet and a big metal bowl for the thirsty ones. There’s an adjoining fenced area for smaller dogs, although in all these years I’ve only rarely seen it get used. Most people let their terriers and chihuahuas mix in the big park, with the Newfies and the Leonbergers.

Going there can be a bit of a mixed bag. Often the trips are uneventful, fun for us and them. Other times, dog walkers come and bring 4-8 dogs at a time, and then don’t keep a great eye on all of them. We’ve had two dog-on-dog attacks in the last few months, one of which required taking a dog in to get emergency stitches. The folks whose dog was responsible for that altercation, just up and left the park without leaving their name or offering to pay the vet bills. Seven years ago we’d drive up, see a lot of dogs, and think, “Woo hoo! ParTAY!”, but nowadays more dogs can just mean more difficult interactions, so we’re a bit more cautious.


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