Finnzo Friday: When Finnie was a puppy

In celebration of my love of dogs, I’m making it Finnzo Friday, a portmanteau of Finnegan and Zoe. We have two doggos, a 3-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi who is my canine soulmate and constant companion, and our 2-year-old Black Lab, who is my husband Greg’s bestie and goes to work with him at Omni every day.

The corgi is a boy, and his name is Finnegan. I call him Finn or Finnie, although that’s not his full name. His full name is much more regal. Vice Admiral Finnegan Nimoy Kirkpatrick, Earl of Barkington. I like long and humorous names for the corgis (Finn is our third), but our Labs have normal, short names (although I make up for that by giving them umpteen nicknames). You can read more about Finn’s name here.

Zoe is our Lab girl, and I’ll feature her next week. She’s a total love.



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