Shalom, Kitty

I posted this mezuzah on Facebook a couple days ago. I thought it was strange and funny and an interesting commentary on modern Judaism. Only a couple of people responded, which I assume is probably thanks to no one knowing what a mezuzah is, and very few people realizing I’m taking a class in Judaism and have started the conversion process (Reform). Oh hi, there, I guess that’s out of the bag. I’m converting.

My friend turned around and posted it on her page, and she got just the best comments, which were hilarious:

Shalom Kitty!

Seriously? And what kind of scroll goes inside?
Response:  The Torah translated in to Japanese. Of course.

No. And I’m Episcopalian.


1) at least it’s not Spongebob? 2) googled “hello kitty rosary” and was not disappointed.

 It completes me.

There is obviously a forthcoming essay about why I have chosen to do this at the age of 43, but I’m not ready for that yet. No, I’m not marrying a Jewish person. Greg and the kids aren’t interested in this path. They’re very supportive of me, and that’s been lovely, but this is my road to follow.

The important points now are: it’s happening, it will probably take a year or two for the process to be complete, and along the way, I’ll likely be writing about things I’m learning. Or referencing Judaism. So that this doesn’t seem odd or weirdly out of context, I’m officially giving the context.

Oh! And in case you’re wondering: a mezuzah is a little box/case that you’ll sometimes find affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes. Not every Jew does this, obviously – one of my favorite things that I’m learning is that not every Jew does anything – but many do, and the purpose is to house a small scroll written with two passages from Deuteronomy. It fulfills a mitzvah, a commandment, and it’s also thought to protect from evil. There’s a tradition to touch it as you enter the room and then kiss your hand. It’s a beautiful tradition. You can read more here if you want – that’s a Reform take on it, there are lots of others. Google “mezuzah meaning” if you care to delve deep.

The Hello Kitty mezuzah made me laugh. I probably wouldn’t have one at my front door, but I’d think about it for another room. Hello Kitty was “born” the same year I was, 1974, and I’ve loved her since I was a little kid. I still have the spiral Hello Kitty journal I wrote in when I was nine years old. I’m pretty sure someone has written a Ph.D. thesis on the deep cultural symbolism of why she doesn’t have a mouth exhibiting a recognizable expression – I joke she’s chewing something. I like mixing sacredness with humor.


  1. erniek3 says:

    1) Mazelkitty! 2)I can’t do the other puns that come to mind, I’m only an honorary Jew/member of the Tribe 3)looking forward to the stories, and of course 4)I love all things HK.

    • Sewbiwan says:

      Thank you! I’m glad someone else loves HK. I felt like she fell out of fashion. I don’t have a lot of HK stuff, but now that my aversion to pink is dying just as my sewing skills are improving and I DO NOTICE MANY HK FABRICS…’s possible something will need to come from this. I’m picturing a shirtdress….

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