Time to make the blog pretty.

In my last post I talked about moving my blog to a self-hosted WordPress installation on my own server. I changed my mind! This morning I crunched some numbers, did math of money, time, and spoons, considered how much stress I wanted to put myself under when I’m often very tired and in pain, and decided it was very worth it to stick with keeping my blog on WordPress.com and letting them take care of all the niggly details.

Now it’s down to blog design. I’m going through the theme library, trying out different things. Until I’m done, the blog might appear weird, or broken. It shouldn’t stay that way. I ought to have this finished in the next few days. I’m very motivated.

Until then, enjoy Han Solo Season. Sew all the things, quilt all the things, make music on whatever you can find, and go drink a soy pumpkin spice latte, because damn those things are heaven.




    • Oh my gosh, thank you! That’s the sweetest offer! I would love that! 😊

      I bought the theme last night that I think is perfect. I took an hour or so to set it up, and I’m really happy with it! But inevitably I will have more questions as time goes on.

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