The post about the pretty pink dress


How do you like my dress? I think it’s SEW SEW.

HAR HAR HAR! Oh, I tells ya.

Actually I like everything from the waist down, especially the block of pink at the bottom. That was fun! I’ll be doing that on lots of dresses. But I’m not sure about the neck and armholes. I tried to make them extra big, so that in the winter I can layer a nice long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath. I tried the dress on (alas, no one around to take a photo), and it looks okay, but the fabric under the armpits sort of swims around, loose.

I really hate how the bias tape ended up so over-large in the inside of the dress. CURSE THE BIAS TAPE, and all it’s ilk. Curse necklines and armholes! I want a serger, and a pile of knits. I didn’t want the bias tape to show, so I had to iron it all the way over, but it’s huge, and so sewing it down meant lines of seams that were an inch or more away from the edge. I don’t know how to fix this without folding up the bias tape a third time, blah blah. I need single-fold tape, is the thing. Ebay seems to only have double-fold in bulk. It’s the quilters. Quilters use double-fold and use it in great quantity, so that’s what the bulk people seem to sell. But I will never shake my fist at quilters, because I’m pretty sure quilting is my destiny. Once I finish this huge DIY wardrobe that I’m building.

The pattern I used for this was Dress No. 1 again, from 100 Acts of Sewing. I’m not even sure I can say I’m using that pattern anymore, I’ve cut it up so severely. I have a dozen copies of it, with severed bottoms and various adjustments to armholes and necks and backs. It’s like a Dress No. 1 Frankenstein’s lab in my sewing room. Thank God for Swedish tracing paper, although I ran out tonight. Dear Amazon….

Today Tina Givens put her PDF patterns at 40% off – here’s her website so you can go and throw money at her. I threw my share. I love her style!  I haven’t tried sewing anything from her, so I’m not sure how difficult the pieces are, but on nearly every pattern page she gives the instructions, so you can estimate how many tears you’ll shed. Honestly, most of it looks pretty easy, but I hesitate to say that with much confidence, otherwise the sewing gods will smite me where I sit.

Also, and I’m not going to say how I know this, but if it’s over 90 degrees and someone says, “Want me to make you a drink?” And then they ask, “Between 1 and Drunk, how strong do you want it?” you might want to get the full scale of reference before you answer “2” and then start cutting things up with your very sharp fabric scissors. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. <hic>


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