Swanson’s Nursery: pretty flowers, playing koi

Swanson’s Nursery, here in Seattle, is one of our favorite places to go – even just to hang out for a little while. Even if you think you don’t want any plants (hahaha, oh, you), you can enjoy the beautiful gift shop, the cafe, the delicious food, and the koi.

I named this one Bertrand. He’s my favorite.


Bertrand was so cool, he even got a little video:


Is it a nursery? Did you die and go to gardener heaven?


Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. My great-grandma had a whole bunch of these in her side yard.


In my last post I talked about learning to see color. I’ve read in drawing books that drawing is helpful for learning to see. I’ve been to Swanson’s a hundred times, and I’ve been looking at hydrangeas my whole life, but I don’t think I ever noticed that some have soft, rounded edges, while others have little shaped edges.


Bored of hydrangeas yet? TOO BAD.


Okay, okay.


The texture really popped in black and white. No idea what this is. Some yellow thing. I should really read the labels and try to learn something when I go here.


Look at all the fanciness this one has! Flowers often remind me of other things. This one reminds me of the hats that women wear to weddings in Britain. Look at that extension, at those little balls at the top. It’s like it’s trying to send a message to the mothership.


Dwarf apples! I was told I was not allowed to get one of these, because “they need so much work”. I dunno, everything in this place looks like it takes work. At least with this you get a snack.


The cutest bud that ever budded! Or, me while watching a scary movie. Peeking out from around the blanket. With my many small purple heads.


Edgar and Allan would like to welcome you to Swanson’s Nursery.


My friend C messaged me while I was walking around, so I started sending her photos. Boom! Flowers! BOOM BOOM! MORE FLOWERS! She loved them. Then I sent her a picture of myself – I like to send a photo of me wherever I am, saying hello. I started giggling, and Jason asked me what was so funny. I held up my phone and said, “I’m standing here, taking a photo I just took ten seconds ago, sending it via a few taps of my finger to my friend in Norway. Where, a couple seconds later, she’s able to see the photo, and reply back to me with her own photo. Isn’t technology amazing?”

Jason, as attentive as ever when he’s in a nursery, pointed to some red flower and began telling me its history.


TINY LITTLE TREES! Oh god, I nearly died. I love this display. I want them all.


As if the tiny trees weren’t cute enough, HAVE A TINY LAWN CHAIR.


Or a stag. I love the contrast of orange and blue in this photo. I was annoyed that I’d left my little Canon at home, and had to take iPhone photos. But they turned out pretty okay.


More texture. I love it.


Pretty little orange thing. Such delicate little veins.


My favorite flower today – covered in bees. 

Oh and in case you’re wondering what I bought – surprisingly, nothing! Well, not nothing. I bought a bag of dirt, and some fertilizer. But I didn’t buy any plants, which surprised everyone. My angel-winged begonia needs repotting, and I figured I ought to take care of the plants I have before I buy new ones. A rare moment of self-control inside Swanson’s.




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