The incredible access to art books from the Met

Liechtenstein_The_Princely_Collections_pdf__page_1_of_402_The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website lists an incredible 100+ pages of FREE BOOKS. Did your eyes gloss over that? Let me repeat: free books of art. Free! Free! Have you ever gone into a bookstore’s art section full of those beautiful coffee table books, and found yourself standing there for an hour, lost in one? Wishing you could buy them all? Side note: If you’re in Seattle, a fantastic place to get very reasonably priced coffee table art books in stellar condition (worthy of gift-giving), is the small but excellently curated Mercer Street Books. Tell Debbie that Date Night Indian-Food-Eating Hollie and Greg say hi!

The_Renaissance_Sackbut_and_Its_Use_Today___MetPublications___The_Metropolitan_Museum_of_ArtBut if you don’t live in Seattle and you love looking at your art books on your iPad while you’re drifting off to sleep, GO SEE THE LIST. For the last ten days or so, I’ve just left the window open, and every day when I’m at my desk, I make it a habit to go from page to page, downloading anything that looks interesting. Then I move those to my Google Drive, where I can open them on my iPad at any time, and bask in the glory of beautiful things. You’ll find the familiar greats that everyone knows, and hundreds more that you’ve never heard of, including many obscure and out-of-print titles that specialize in a very narrow slice of art history. I love it!



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