Thursday update: a kitchen might be forthcoming

Kitchen Katastrophe 2016, the going-on-week-seven aftermath of a burst water hose, is finally on its way toward healing. We have a contractor, which means we finally have one person coordinating all the work. Today the walls were finished being plastered, and next comes the paint. Following that, the tile backsplash, and then the cabinet and sink-reinstalled, and then the flooring, and then the fridge and oven can come back in, and then I sit on the floor and cry tears of relief, and swear that I will never, ever, take a kitchen for granted again. Nor fill one with water.

paint sample

This is the palette of colors from Sherwin-Williams that I picked out. It’s called Color Pizazz. The idea is that every color works with every other color, so you don’t end up standing in your house gazing in horror, the realization slowly dawning that your living room doesn’t go with your kitchen. Or something.

I joke, but it’s true that it can really make a house feel “off” if the colors don’t work well. Putting color together is a huge challenge for me. I know how the end result makes me feel, so the ability to juxtapose color is one that I recognize and appreciate, but I don’t have it. I’m terrible at seeing the forest for the trees. I tend to fall in love with one color, and then I just monochrome the heck out of it, because pairing it with anything else causes me mild panic. Does it go? Does it not go? I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I’ve worked with a color wheel, I spin yarn, I knit, I draw a little, I know what the colors are supposed to do. I just can’t seem to get them to do what I want. I follow the rules, I break the rules, it doesn’t matter what I do; it all looks wrong. On my bucket list, I have simply: “Figure out color.”

For now, Sherwin-Williams and their color artists are helping. But the reason that paint palette is on the porch, and the reason the mug Greg made me seventeen years ago is upside down, is that I decided to start a truce with spiders. The truce goes like this: If you promise not to kill me, I promise to try and save you when I can. Sitting at my desk yesterday, a gargantuan spider crawled out of a stack of books, along a wall. My first thought was, “Australia. It’s like I’m living in Australia.”

But I didn’t scream, and I didn’t crush it against the wall. I did the cup trick. I dumped all the pens out of my mug, whacked the mug (carefully!) over the demon spider, and put the paint sample brochure under him, and put him out on the porch and set him free. Before I did, I got the camera ready, because I was sure it would be the biggest spider I had ever photographed, and I wanted to impress Greg and Jason, who have remarked before that they know there is a spider nearby by the pitch and intonation of the way I yell, “HEY!! YOU GUYS?! CAN YOU COME IN HERE?!”

spider small


Okay, I know he doesn’t look that big, but if you zoom in, you can see that it HAS HAIR:

spider big


I’m sorry but anything that is both BUG and in possession of the ability to BENEFIT FROM STYLING GEL is not something with which I want to be friends. And yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to kill them anymore. I’d rather let the spiders eat the insects I don’t like in relative peace, and whatever happiness spiders are capable of sussing out for themselves. This is a big life change for me. And the spiders.

Bicycling is still going well! My mileage is very low, but that’s okay. Fibro means I’m working up slowly. And my knees aren’t hurting anymore. My friend Elaine, also a Brompton rider, suggested I lift the seat up a little. I know that most people usually ride with their seats way too low, and I’ve been so careful with this, but her description of how she knows when her seat height was right did make me think that mine might still be too low. So I moved it up just a half inch, and that seems to have made a big difference.

Beth is now riding her bike to school sometimes, with her best friend, who lives a few blocks away. I like to ride Beth to her friend’s house, and send them off with warnings about walking across the busy street and being careful of cars, etc.



In other news, I’m trying to learn Norwegian using Duolingo. More on that later. But for now: Duolingo is a real hardass.


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