I like to dehydrate things. Here are some onions.

I have a 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator, that is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I dehydrated a few pounds of yellow onions last night. I like to dehydrate veggies, they’re great as soup mixes and in dips and dressings. Apple chips are fantastic, too.

This batch of onions stunk up our entire house. I knew they’d be a little smelly, but it was much worse than I expected. We were opening windows and blinking back tears all evening. Our friend Michael was staying with us for a few days, and we were laughing about it this morning. Apparently the kids were telling him how their eyes burned!

But it was worth it, scarring the corneas of my loved ones with fumes! I woke up to delicious, crispy, pink (pink?) bits of onion, that will be perfect in soups and over popcorn. It was hard not to eat them right off the tray.

I used a different method this time. Instead of making rings, or using diced onion, I used almost a slurry that came from putting onion chunks into the food processor. I spread them out directly onto the mesh sheets, and they dried beautifully. I broke them in small chunks off the sheet when dried, dropped the chunks into the jar, and whenever the level got high, I used a wooden spoon and crushed it all up. Worked great. Simple and easy! And now if a recipe calls for diced onions, I’m all set.

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