I made a water bottle holder


Continuing the holiday paracord madness, I learned that you can join two different cords together by simply applying some flame and creative squishing. Done and done! I made a cord from odds and ends, a platypus paracord if you will, and fashioned a handle for the water bottle I carry around the house. It’s very….handy!

I tend to get dehydrated, which will, in turn, often trigger my anxiety problems. When I’m anxious I can feel so scatterbrained I have a hard time remembering something as simple as getting a glass of water.  A few years ago, when I was busy with toddlers, it got so ridiculous my friend Sonja would text me at least once a day, “Have you had some water?” It was stupid how often the answer was, “No.” After much coaxing, I got into the habit, and now I carry this thing around with me and am hydrated night and day. Klean Kanteens are the bomb diggety.

On the topic of water bottles and staying hydrated (also, it’s good to carry water in case the zombie apocalypse comes): I wanted a very small bottle for my bag. I discovered Liberty Bottleworks when I worked at Tom Bihn, and lo and behold if they don’t make a wee little water bottle for kids adults who are kids at heart, and now this is what I carry when I’m out and about:


When I bought this, last summer, I texted a few people, “I just got a pink pegasus unicorn pony water bottle!” No one was as impressed as I thought they should be. Though thankfully none of them said, “You know you’re 41, right?”

Oh, and speaking of grave levels of maturity, I’m happy to report that this Christmas has, so far, been very relaxed. Usually I pick up my holiday novelty hobby because I feel frazzled and I require a semi-productive distraction, but this year the paracord thing has mostly been for fun. I haven’t felt like hiding in my room, or the nearest bathroom, or found myself hunting down an Ativan with shaking hands while cursing panic disorder and all that comes with it.

Success can definitely be attributed in large part to Greg’s brilliant plan to “have the food catered”, which meant that today we picked up a box of holiday fixins at Whole Food that he pre-ordered a few weeks ago. The only thing I have to make are the two dishes I love to make: candied lime sweet potatoes, and gluten-free stuffing. I’ll see if I can find the recipes and post links. The sweet potatoes in particular are the thing everyone asks me about when I inquire if they’re coming to Christmas Eve dinner. “Will you have those sweet potatoes? The lime ones?” So far I haven’t gotten up the nerve to say, “No,” and see if that changes the status of their RSVP. I just make ’em and keep people happy.


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