Finnegan has landed!

Bodhi, our 85lb Black Lab on the left, and Finnegan, our 9lb Cardigan Corgi puppy on the right.

Welcome to the family, Finnegan!

Our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who passed away earlier this year, had a long, slightly ridiculous name: Sir Oliver Reginald Kirkpatrick McSnortsalot. We called him “Ollie”. Of course we had to give Finn a similarly regal name, so let me introduce you to:

Vice Admiral Finnegan Nimoy Kirkpatrick, Earl of Barkington

We debated on the Vice Admiral versus Commodore. Greg argued that Commodore was more believable since it seemed unlikely someone as young as Finn could achieve the rank of Vice Admiral, but then my dad pointed out that the Navy has retired the rank of Commodore – although that rank is still used in yacht clubs – so in the end I went with Vice Admiral. You need to treat these things seriously.

Finn is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, hailing from Auburn Washington, and the wonderful Cardi-loving home of Léo Washburn of Toreth Cardigan Corgis. He’s a Brindle (that’s his coloring), and he has heterochromia – eyes of two different colors. One eye is a pale sky blue, and the other is a charcoal grey. “Like David Bowie!”, a lot of people say (I like these people right off), but in fact David Bowie doesn’t have two different colored irises; his eyes look different because of aniscoria, or unequal pupils, which happened to him as a result of injury.

As of today Finn is 10 weeks and 5 days old. It took me awhile to figure out that what I really wanted, after Ollie passed, was another Corgi, and then it took a little while to find Léo, but oh, once we did, we knew it was the right fit.

When we first got in contact with her, her sweet girl Reba was expecting a litter, but she didn’t know how many puppies there would be, so she wasn’t able to guarantee us one. We just had to hope there were enough, as there were several other folks in line ahead of us. I never crossed so many fingers. We waited with bated breath for Reba to have her puppies, and bless her heart, she went and had TEN!

We brought Finn home at 10 weeks old, which was now 5 days ago. I can’t believe how short a time that is, and yet how in love we are with him already. Get ready for lots of Finn photos, and dog training posts!

Finnegan in my arms, at 4 weeks of age.
Finn in a log! Photo taken by Donna Setijono, thanks Donna!
Finn in a log! Photo taken by Donna Setijono, thanks Donna!


  1. Elaine says:

    Your comment about commodores had me wondering, because I was invited to board a Coast Guard vessel to watch the blessing of the fleet in Astoria, by a commodore. They do exist, but it’s not a ‘flag’ rank – “The “title” of commodore continues to be used in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard for those senior captains in command of organizations consisting of groups of ships or submarines. . . “

  2. Hollie says:

    I suppose we could still use Commodore! He’s been here a week and I really don’t think he’s the Vice Admiral type. It’s too bad “Rapscallion” isn’t a rank.

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