We got to meet the puppies today!

Léo and Mark were so kind to invite us over today so we could meet all (ten!) of Reba and Pepper’s puppies. One of these will be mine! Okay, ours, but really, mine! I’m over the moon!

Initially I had my heart set on a girl, but after talking to Léo more about temperament, I learned that in fact it’s often the boys who are the cuddle bugs of the cardigan corgi world, and I really want a cuddle bug, so now I’m back to having no idea which puppy I might want. Léo knows what our family needs are for our puppy, and my personality and what I’m looking for (the pup will be my daily companion while Bo goes to work with Greg). So, she’s going to watch their personalities carefully over the next few weeks, and when it gets closer to pick-up time, she’ll call me and let me know which puppy or two she thinks would be ideal.

Only six weeks to go!

I took some photos with my little Canon Elph, and then Greg and I both took some with his iPhone with a broken lens – every picture he takes looks like it’s taken at sunset. I like to joke his phone sees the world through rose-colored glasses.

They were actually very awake when we got there, but I didn’t want to take photos while they were all running around – I much preferred playing with them! Not until they all got sleepy and settled into arms did we go, “Oh, right, PHOTOS!” So they’re all unconscious. Which works out, since wiggly puppies are a blur anyway. I was so surprised at Reba, the mom. When we met her she was pregnant, obviously we knew that her large belly was because of babies, but, we didn’t realize until we saw her today just how little she actually is when she isn’t carrying around ten pups. She’s such a loving, sweet dog, and so is the dad, Pepper. They both have great personalities, we feel so lucky to get one of these babies.

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